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Folks are always amazed when they step into Glen Haven for the first time.  There is so much to see!  Not only is the gallery filled with art, it is also filled with antiques throughout the gallery rooms. You will see wild leopard skins, cute little Marmoset monkeys in a specially created environmental display, a full size wagon and a miniature reproduction of the original Glen Haven Feed mill wagon, a winter sleigh, a player piano, a music box, a stunning stained glass feature window, African sculpture, candles, large-format tropical canvas print photographs of Florida and the Caribbean, and an exotic courtyard complete with a peacock fountain.


Remember the good old days when folks gathered around a player piano for their entertainment? Or they put a nickel in a beautiful nickelodeon to dance to a musical tune? Stop in Glen Haven and enjoy our player piano and nickelodeon music. The pump organ we have on display is circa 1907 and originally sold from the Sears catalog for $27.45.We will be delighted to tell you the history of each of these musical players.


See our beautifully restored late 1800’s New York state winter sleigh that carried two adults and featured two children’s seats in the front. Just imagine riding in this sleigh dashing through the snow. Our Doctor’s Brockway Buggy from 1898 was purchased in 1948 from Cincinnatus, New York. Brockway Carriage Works was founded by William N. Brockway in 1875.


The Glen Haven 5’ x 10’ stained glass feature window was created in the 1970’s. It was constructed at Glen Haven Farm and then transported and installed in the Gallery. The peacock theme was used to commemorate the live peacocks that live and roost at the Glen Haven Farm.


Stop by Monday- Friday between 10:00am and 5:00pm. We love showing off our exotic collections! photo gallery logo-new-e