Lamp Repair and Restoration

Glen Haven restores and repairs lamps from simple rewiring to restoring elaborate antique lamps and chandeliers. We rewire from European to American voltage standards and recondition antique lamps. Do you have a favorite vase or other item that you want made into a lamp? Do you have an old kerosene lamp that you want to convert to an electrical lamp? We can do that! We recently converted two antique floor standing theatre lights into lamps. All work is done in our shop. Come by with your lamp and we will gladly discuss what you want done and give you a free estimate of the cost.

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Glen Haven also is the area dealer for Aladdin® Oil Lamps. Aladdin lamps are the best non-electric lamps made since 1908 and the brightest kerosene burning lamps without the usual smoke and odor associated with common wick lamps. We feature a great selection of theese high quality non-electrical light sources…the perfect lamp when your power goes out…no batteries needed!

Glen Haven stocks Aladdin® parts; wicks, conversion parts, lamp glass chimneys, globes, flame spreaders and mantles. Have an old Aladdin® lamp that needs reconditioning? Bring it to Glen Haven!

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