Featured Artists

Steve Vaughn Panoramic Photography

Steve’s large-format photographs celebrate the beauty of land, sea and sky. He travels throughout Florida and the Caribbean capturing breathtaking images of nature and the breath-taking landscapes.

featured artists stevevaughn

Tripp Harrison

Tripp Harrison was raised in south Florida. His landscapes and tropical paintings reflect a quality of peacefulness, a kind of serenity that has become his signature in his artwork.

featured artists harrisonbrent

Melanie Peter

A native of Leesburg, Melanie’s unique ability to capture light can be seen in her portraits, landscapes and night paintings.

featured artists melaniepeter

Charles Rowe

Charles is recognized as one of the permier landscape and wildlife artist in the southeast. His realistic paintings capture the pristine beauty of Florida’s wilderness.

featured artists charlesrowe
featured artists lamayessenberg
featured artists bobknorr