Glen Haven has been serving Lake County, Florida residents for 50 years with their impeccable quality and service. Creating a one-of-a-kind custom piece of art is easy with the assistance of our design consultants. There are hundreds of frame moldings and mattes to choose from to create just the right look-traditional, rustic, vintage or modern-for your art. You will find original paintings, limited edition prints and tropical Florida images. We even offer tens of thousands of special order reproductions for you to choose from.

Glen Haven has room after room of beautiful and stunning art, antiques, candles, stained glass and sculpture. Stop in anytime Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 5:00pm to browse through our unique gallery.

Be sure to visit our live Marmoset monkeys. Glen Haven has been breeding these exotic native South American monkeys for over 25 years. As part of world conservation, we have sent many of the marmosets back to South America to be released into their wild habitat.
Our custom design consultants are ready to introduce you to a world of beauty and sophistication with one-on-one assistance through our vast selection of original art and stunning limited-edition prints. Choose from classic and contemporary styles, including tropical Florida themes, as well as tens of thousands of special order reproductions.

Custom Framing

Whether you choose a new piece of art or already have one you want to showcase in style, our custom framing will make every piece of art a masterpiece.

Unique Treasures

At Glen Haven, artwork is only the beginning. You’ll be awestruck by hundreds of rare and unexpected finds —- antiques, etched and stained glass, sculpture, candles and more. Special services including oversized  framing, lamp repair, laminating and shrink-wrapping.


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